Zip-Clip Cable Suspension Systems

“Zip-Clip gives you the freedom to take control”

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Zip-Clip Cable Suspension Systems

Zip-Clip gives you the freedom to take control

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Gomac Cables are a 100% Irish owned company, we are a leading supplier to the mechanical, electrical and HVAC industry in Ireland. We focus on delivering a quality service to all our clients with the priority being to supply the latest in time-saving, labour reducing, high spec, quality approved products every time. We are based in Drogheda in County Meath.

Gomac have been appointed as official distributors of the ‘Zip Clip’ range of wire systems. Zip Clip are designers and manufacturers of high-spec wire suspension systems utilising galvanised or stainless steel high tensile wire rope which offers a better SWL than those found on the market. All their engineered suspension products are designed with quality and safety in mind.

Our guiding principle in is designed to reduce complexity and increase the productivity level in your organisation without any compromise on safety.

Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler”

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  • Use a wire rope cradle to support rectangular, spiral or flat oval duct work.
  • This will help to reduce material cost.
  • DW144 Compliant


  • Utilise a CHAN-LOCK, PLUS on WIRE or STRUT-LOCK system to build single or multi-tier containment brackets.


  • Turn one fixing point into two connection points with a LUMA-LOCK or Y-IT. A cost-effective solution to support chilled beams or radiant heat panels. Less drill holes needed, and no need to use threaded rods.


  • Use the RIZE system to custom make wire suspension on site.

  • Ideal for long and varied suspension drops.





How it works

Zip-Clip gives you the freedom to take control

Zip‑Clip is the strong, stylish, sensible, high-spec suspension solution.

If you automatically think of using rigid threaded bars to solve your HVAC, electrical, mechanical and signage suspension needs, you may want to think again.

The unique Zip‑Clip system, based on a simple yet highly effective locking mechanism, is easier to handle, simpler to install and brings far more versatility.

With our ingenious design, high-tensile galvanized wire rope is used in conjunction with a zinc alloy locking device, housing an oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge that engages first time.

As a result, Zip‑Clip offers the surest, easiest locking solution available. And consultant engineers and architects who want more control over aesthetics and installation costs can turn to a swift, stylish solution without compromising on either strength or safety.

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Case Studies

The new American Embassy, built on a five-acre site at Nine Elms in southwest London, has been designed by award winning US architects Kieran Timberlake following a competition run by the US State Department.

Within this large crystalline cube building, all of the suspended systems needed to meet the exacting US building standards. Given that all its products are fully certified by SMACNA (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association) Zip-Lock was an automatic choice.

By meeting these stringent requirements, the versatile Zip‑Clip system was used for all building services, and the company was able to offer a full and detailed technical submission as well as onsite testing and product training.

The building represents a new departure in embassy design. The intention is to emphasise the role of architecture in international diplomacy. And it demonstrates the potential for the Zip‑Clip system in situations where compliance with various international standards is a prerequisite.

The BBC Television Centre in west London was the much-loved home of BBC Television from 1960 to 2013.

In 2014 the site was purchased by developers Stanhope plc who embarked on a £200 million overhaul of the grade II-listed building. The design masterplan included 1,000 new homes together with leisure facilities, and brand new studio and office spaces for the creative industries.

In this most stylish of environments, Zip‑Clip’s aesthetics were a match for the building’s design ambitions. Given the security measures in place at this London landmark, all Zip‑Clip components were supplied in transparent packaging. And the ease of assembly helped the contractors to meet the tight time-scales.


When Zip‑Clip were asked to provide a suspension solution for traditional Qatari woven ceilings in the renovation of iconic Doha heritage buildings, it was a customer requirement that the fittings should not be seen. Originally the M12 rod had been proposed, but its appearance was not exactly what the consultant had in mind, so Zip‑Clip was able to provide a pre-bagged bespoke system avoiding the need for a hot work permit as no on site fabrication was required.

As white was the theme throughout, the suspension system was disguised with white sleeving giving the impression that the projectors were floating. Zip‑Clip was able to deliver the goods directly from the UK to Doha within 5 days and as a result of this project the Arabian Engineering Bureau approved the Zip‑Clip systems for use throughout the GCC regions, leading to the use of Zip‑Clip suspension cables in the completion of the Meredith Shopping Centre in Dubai.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a theme park created in tribute to everything Ferrari – aiming to provide people of all ages with the most thrilling theme park experience in the Middle East.

Beginning in November 2007, the construction took three years to complete, and the park has the largest steel frame requiring 12,370 tons of steel to create its structure (nearly double the amount used in the Eiffel tower). The park has the largest space frame structure ever built, with a total of approximately 172,000 members and 43,100 nodes and it took 14 months just to clad the 200,000m2 roof.

The Zip-Clip contribution to the project was a comprehensive range of prefabricated lighting suspensions kits, which as a result of restrictive timebased deliveries, required a flexible call-off service to site.

As the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business, Jaguar Land Rover is built around two iconic British car brands: Land Rover, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium all-wheel drive vehicles and Jaguar, one of the world’s premier luxury sports saloon and sports car marques.

Jaguar Land Rover has used the Zip‑Clip range across several of its manufacturing and operating sites, as well as its network of UK dealerships. Advanced design, engineering and technology have all played a part in Jaguar Land Rover’s success – and, as well as being forever functional and fit-for-purpose, Zip‑Clip’s aesthetically-engineered look is a good match for these credentials.

This distinctive building, which won the prestigious RIBA Stirling prize, required a particular suspension solution. For example, the highly chlorinated environment demanded corrosion-free qualities. And the curvaceous form, inspired by the fluid geometry of water in motion, required more flexibility than could be offered by more traditional methods.

The solution came in the form of the Zip‑Clip Con-Lock Anchor system. This enabled a 35º suspension angle to match the flow of the ceiling. It also entailed minimal drilling, required no additional equipment, and came at no extra cost.

The Rolls-Royce site in Derby is the home to one of the best-known brands in world manufacturing – responsible for industrial power and aero engines that are widely recognised for their design quality and engineering performance.

Throughout the manufacturing facilities of this giant industrial site, Zip‑Clip systems securely suspend lighting, trunking, baskets and trays. And, as well as insisting on functionality, the engineers were looking for clean lines to give an impression of a floating system.

Whether used in production bays or engine test areas, easy access to the suspended components was a necessity. And, thanks to the versatility of the Zip‑Clip system, additional cables and air-lines could be added as needed.

The sprawling Warner Bros. impressive studio complex in Leavesden in the South East of England is the largest movie-making facility in Europe – where blockbusting productions like the series of Harry Potter films are created.

As part of a £100 million development at the state-of-the-art studios, Zip‑Clip was chosen for the suspended trunking and basket systems.

Part of the Zip‑Clip appeal was its ability to meet the studio’s complex cable management needs, and to allow for additional services to be added over time. In addition, with Zip‑Clip’s unique key-free locking devices and cold-cutting, the installation team could work at a rapid pace – with no need for electric saws or hot work permits.

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