If you are looking for the best cable tray wire suspension suppliers Ireland has to offer, you have certainly come to the right place. Here at Gomac Cables, we can cater to all of your requirements regarding cable and wire suspension systems. We have been in business many years now with an exceptional attitude to customer service which has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in business.

When may you need a cable tray wire suspension system?

A cable tray is a bridge that enables wires to be transported safely across open spans, giving protection against fire build-up problems and overheating. There are a lot of different types of cable tray systems, and here to Gomac Cables, we are proud to be suppliers of the unique Zip-Clip system. This is a sensible, stylish, strong and high-spec suspension solution.

A lot of people automatically think of using rigid thread bars when it comes to solving their signage, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC requirements. However, this is not the only solution which can deliver on your requirements. Instead, with the unique Zip-Clip system, which is based on a locking mechanism that is simple yet very much effective. It brings a greater amount of versatility while being simpler and faster to install and a lot easier to handle. 

zip-lock wire gripper

With this design, a zinc alloy locking device is used, as well as a galvanized high-tensile wire rope. This houses a sintered metal wedge, which is oil-impregnated and engages first time. As a consequence, you benefit from the easiest possible locking solution. If you are looking for more control over installation and aesthetics, this stylish and swift solution delivers without safety or strength being compromised. 

A company you can trust

Here at Gomac Cables, we have many years of experience in industry. We are a leading supplier to the HVAC, electrical, and mechanical sectors in Ireland. It is our aim to provide a premium quality service to our clients, with the aim of providing products that are quality-approved and high spec every time while also reducing labour and saving time. Our guiding principle is to boost productivity levels at your company by reducing complexity yet making certain that safety is never compromised. This is something that we have helped a wide range of clients to achieve. 

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