Traditional methods of suspending and supporting air ducts, such as threaded bars, are time-consuming, increasing labour costs and safety risks  and reducing project efficiencies. While threaded bars may have been the go-to solution for duct suspension for many years, a Zip-Clip cable suspension solution provides a safer, more efficient alternative. 

What is a Zip-Clip cable suspension solution?

A Zip-Clip cable suspension system is a very strong, high-spec solution and the leading high-efficiency alternative to traditional threaded bar systems. The Zip-Clip design is based on a very simple yet effective locking mechanism, making it easier to handle and install – reducing labour costs and improving installation efficiencies. 

Efficiency Duct Suspensions

Zip-Clip industrial applications

Aside from being a high-efficiency solution for Duct suspensions and support systems, the Zip-Clip wire-based solution is suitable for a number of other applications including for use with timber, decking, service supports, purlins, wrap-aroundwrap, concrete, catenary and roof supports. The diverse nature of the Zip-Clip solution, its simplicity and ease of use, have made it popular for use in HVAC, mechanical installations and electrical installations to serve all manner of functions, including as a suspension solution for lighting supports, for exhibition suspended structures, for catenary systems, in seismic bracing, for Building Information Modelling (BIM), for securing 7×7 and 19×7 aircraft cables, for suspended acoustic panels, for suspended signage, for cable tray and cable basket supports and even in trapeze. 

What are the benefits of a Zip-Clip cable suspension system for the ducts and supports?

Making the switch to a wire-based Zip-Clip suspension system when installing air ducts is simple, efficient and cost-effective, bringing with it a wide range of benefits including:

  • A reduction in labour costsThe Zip-Clip solution is based on a highly effective locking mechanism that is easier to handle and simpler to install, cutting installation times and therefore the cost of labour, ultimately improving efficiencies. 
  • Better safety – the simplicity of the Zip-Clip solution reduces the amount of time that workers must spend at heights, improving site safety. 
  • Easier adjustments – Adjustments can be made easily without the need for tools or specialist equipment improving efficiency. 
  • Reduced logistics costs – Wire-based cable suspension systems are easier to transport and handle than threaded bars 
  • No additional permits – Wire-based cable suspension does not require an on-site hot-work permit as it is cold cut
  • Less vibrational disturbance – The installation of wire-based cable suspension reduces vibration 
  • A more aesthetically pleasing visual impact – Zip-Clip wire-based suspension solutions have a far less visual impact making them popular for installations in which the air ducts will be visible.

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