When installing an HVAC system in any building, suspension is one of the highest concerns. The suspension system used needs to be stable, easy to install, durable and meet all the appropriate building regulations. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in a building is vital for controlling the environmental conditions and ensuring a safe and comfortable place for people to work.

The right suspension system ensures that the HVAC ducts are securely attached to ceilings and walls, and installation of the system doesn’t need to be difficult. As HVAC cable suspension systems suppliers in Ireland, we at Gomac Cables know what you require for successful installation of your HVAC system.

Gomac Cables is the official supplier of Zip Clip cable suspension systems. As a 100% Irish-owned company, we at Gomac Cables are a leading supplier to the HVAC industry across Ireland. Zip Clip products are high-quality wire systems, designed and manufactured by the renowned experts in their field, and offering a better SWL than others on the market. Their wire suspension systems are made with galvanised or stainless steel high tensile wire rope, offering unbeatable durability and performance.

How Are Zip Clip Cable Suspension Systems Used?

Zip Clip products are designed to be best in class products when it comes to application and installation, providing HVAC installers with an alternative to rigid threaded bars. When HVAC ducts need to be suspended from ceilings and walls, the Zip Clip system offers a much more durable solution that’s easier and less expensive to install. It uses a simple but effective locking mechanism that makes it extremely versatile and means that it can be installed quickly.

HVAC Cable Suspension systems

The zinc alloy locking device combines with the high-tensile galvanised wire rope, using its oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge that is designed to lock first time, every time. The Zip Clip locking solution is reliable and easy, plus it’s an excellent aesthetic option too, making it the perfect choice for everyone from architects to engineers.

Zip Clip Wire Suspension Systems in HVAC

When you’re looking for HVAC cable suspension systems in Ireland, our expert team can help you out. Zip Clip systems can be applied to HVAC systems in a number of ways to improve costs, aesthetics and strength for any project. Using a wire rope cradle to support rectangular, oval or spiral duct work helps to reduce material costs. It offers a suspension system that is easy to clean and maintain, safe and cost-effective. We have provided Zip Clip systems to HVAC projects for companies including Rolls Royce, Warner Bros Studio, BBC Television Centre.

You can select the perfect Zip Clip product for your HVAC system by considering which material you want to attach it to, the attachment type and the safe working load. Visit the HVAC information page at https://gomaccables.ie/hvac/ to take a look at the product selector and find the ideal product for your project’s requirements. Choosing the right product is the first step to installing a revolutionary HVAC cable suspension system.

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