Zip Clip is an innovative HVAC duct installation alternative to the use of rigid metal bars. It is easy to fit and easy to maintain, and it is cleaner and safer than metal rods. Overall, it offers a cheaper and faster installation alternative for any HVAC installation.

Zip Clip: The HVAC Duct Installation Alternative

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system in a building is responsible for ensuring the environmental conditions within a room or entire building. They are used to cool and heat rooms, and to ensure that stale air is recycled and fresh air injected back in.

Not only do HVAC systems ensure the comfort of people inside, but they can also be used to help closely maintain and stringently manage temperature and humidity within an enclosed environment. A lot of responsibility, therefore, is placed on the system.

The HVAC ducts, which can be exposed in a room or built behind walls, are made from galvanized steel, which means that they need to be securely affixed to walls or ceilings to ensure safety and to ensure the continued integrity of the system.

Traditionally, these ducts have been hung using rigid metal threaded bars. The bars attach to the ceiling and to the ducts, securing them in place. However, these threaded steel rods add weight to the system, and they are are not as effective or as strong as galvanized metal ropes of the same size.

Bridge builders and engineers have been using this metal rope for decades, because it can offer the same strength as an equivalent metal rod, despite having a fraction of the weight. As weight is applied to the ropes, it actually increases the strength of the supporting ropes.

This is why Zip Clip is quickly becoming the HVAC duct installation alternative of choice. It has been employed in embassies, major factories, and other buildings across the world,. In fact, it is used in the BBC TV Centre, the London Olympic Aquatic Centre, and in Rolls Royce and Jaguar Land Rover factories. It continues to gain credence with every successful installation.

Ease Of Installation

High tensile galvanized wire rope is more flexible than steel rods. This means that a slight deviation in measurements will not cause a total installation failure. The rope can be altered and moved slightly to reach the proper position.

Zip Clip also uses a simple but strong locking device. This zinc alloy mechanism has an oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge lock which will securely affix first time.

This means that the installer will not have to try removing the lock and replacing it, and the Zip Clip lock can be applied in a matter of just a couple of minutes. The sintered metal will continue to hold the rope in place, providing a strengthened support for the ducts.

Cheaper HVAC Installation Alternative

To achieve the same strength as metal rods, Zip Clip ropes only have to use a fraction of the amount of steel. This means that less material is used in its construction, and when there is less material, costs are reduced. 

HVAC installation can be expensive, but using reliable Zip Clip fastenings means that you can keep project costs down while still ensuring the safety of the ducts and people around them. Because the system is easier to install, it means that installation costs should also be cheaper than with traditional steel bar systems.

Customisable Duct Design

HVAC duct design installation

HVAC systems are rarely straightforward. They take considerable planning and design, to prevent sharp corners in ducts and to ensure that the system isn’t trying to push air too far and too hard. 

Steel rope is easier to manage and to manipulate than steel bars. This makes it possible to create smooth corners and it allows the installer to meet the requirements of the system designer. There are numerous fixings, attachments, and other components that use the same Zip Clip locking system, allowing freedom of system design.

Other Benefits

There is less risk of the materials being damaged in transit and it is possible to fit more of the material on the delivery truck. This means that delivery savings may also be achieved using this type of material.

The ropes do not need to be prepared on delivery, and there is a reduced number of components, which further increases the installation time, too. In fact, there are many benefits to this unique HVAC duct installation alternative that your business can benefit from.

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