Let us help you to take control with our Zip-Clip Cable System!

At Gomac Cables, we offer all of our clients significant advantages in the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with our Zip-Clip Cable System. Our range of HVAC solutions can guarantee that you make savings with regard to both your time and labour costs. Our system is flexible, allowing for the suspension of services from any angle that suits your business. Not only that, but you get unyielding support once they’re in place. Our Zip-Clip system gives you the opportunity to take control, with a strong, stylish and sensible suspension solution available. 

Our Unique System

At Gomac Cables, we believe that we can offer you something more than the rigid threaded bars to solve your HVAC suspension needs. We offer a unique system that works with a range of product applications, including:

  • Timber
  • Decking
  • Service supports
  • Purlins
  • Concrete
  • Wrap-aroundwrap
  • Roof supports
HVAC Zip Clip Installation

The system itself is very simple, with a locking mechanism that remains highly effective. The design is our own, with high-tensile galvanized wire rope used alongside a zinc alloy locking device. The metal wedge is impregnated with oil and will engage the first time you use it. This leads to our unique Zip-Clip system able to offer you the easiest and more secure locking system available. Our products can be found on our website right here, and you can contact us directly for information on delivery times and more information about the products. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Perfect Solution For Secure Suspension

It’s up to you to ensure that your employees receive the best heating, ventilation and air conditioning solution. You have to be able to provide people with the right thermal comfort and indoor air quality, and you can do that when you have the reassurance that your HVAC is going to be suspended securely.

With our Zip-Clip products, you get the perfect solution to a securely suspended HVAC system. This ensures a safe, clean and easy to maintain environment for you and your staff. Don’t believe it? Well, our innovative cables have been used for installations in large corporations such as BBC Television Centre, Rolls Royce and even Warner Bros Studios.

Why Choose Gomac Cables

As a 100% Irish-owned company, Gomac Cables are pleased to be able to supply to the mechanical, electrical and HVAC industry in Ireland. We only focus on delivering our clients quality, and we have been appointed as the official distributor of the Zip-Clip range of wire systems on the island of Ireland. Zip Clip are innovative designers and manufacturers of a range of high-spec wire suspension systems which utilise galvanised or stainless steel high tensile wire rope. This offers a better SWL than those found elsewhere on the market. 

Our whole aim is to reduce the complexity of your organisation while increasing productivity. Contact our experts today on +353 1 910 4125 to discuss your requirements and our delivery availability.