Press Release

Gomac was formed in 1981 as a small, family run, sign company specialising in the supply of ID tags for electrical installations.  Through the intervening years between then and now it has morphed into a broad spectrum sign manufacturing business, supplying a varied range of signs to all areas of the country and beyond.

In the last couple of decades  people have become much more discerning with the result that, in order to get ahead or to stay ahead, businesses have demanded  more vibrant in-store displays, conference backdrops and modular display systems for exhibitions and trade stands.  Gomac has catered for this demand with the formation of a displays supply section in the business.

In more recent years, the requirement for improved efficiency, safety and aesthetics in construction has led to an increased use of Cable Suspension Systems by specifiers and by Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC contractors.

Gomac have been appointed as official distributors of the ‘Zip Clip’ range of wire systems. Zip Clip are designers and manufacturers of high-spec wire suspension systems utilising galvanised or stainless steel high tensile wire rope which offers a better SWL than those found on the market.     All their engineered suspension products are designed with quality and safety in mind.

Our guiding principle in is designed to reduce complexity and increase the productivity level in your organisation without any compromise on safety.

Einstein once said,  “Everything should be made as simple as possible.  But not simpler”