Zip-Clip Dec-Lock

THE DEC-LOCK SYSTEM is a wire suspension solution that will suspend applications from concrete over rib-deck ceilings. The system offers a non-destructive way of anchoring a wire suspension to the base material and utilises specific wedges that are designed to fit into the profile channels found running along the underside of the rib-deck. Each Dec-Lock support consists of a deck wedge coupled with an eye bolt adapter, nut, and washer along with a pre-determined length of wire rope supplied complete with an appropriate Zip-Clip locking device.





Dec-Lock fixings are supplied with V-Nut deck wedges. These are tapered components. V-Nut wedges are available in two sizes Standard and Mini Mini for smaller deck profiles. Please download or request our Dec-Lock product datasheet for clarification.

To confirm: A standard Dec-Lock is supplied with a Standard V-Nut. Smaller Mini Mini wedges must be requested.



The Zip-Clip Multi-Wedge is a flexible decking fixing that can be used for different decking profiles. It is a one-piece unit with an interchangeable grub screw that can be repositioned and tightened against the roof of the decking channel. The width of the fixing can therefore be changed to fit different channels.

Note: The Multi-Wedge is a made-to-order item, product code MA6810.



Dec-Lock suspensions can also be supplied incorporating Lindapter deck wedges.

For confirmation of wedge types available please contact us or see our Dec-Lock product datasheet.

Note: Dec-Locks provided with Lindapter wedges incorporate forged eye bolt adapters, the complete Lindapter wedge anchor, washer, and locking nut.



There are many different types of rib-deck available, therefore it is necessary to ensure the correct wedge has been selected for the rib-deck in question.

Zip-Clip offers two different Dec-Lock systems each allocated a letter to differentiate between the available safe working loads (SWL).

Each system comprises a predetermined length of a specific diameter wire rope and is supplied with the required Zip-Clip locking device.

Dec-Lock is available for drop lengths of 1 m to 10 m. Loads indicated are per individual wire support when coupled with the appropriate Zip-Clip locking device.



  • G 15 kg
  • S 50 kg





  1. Push the V-Nut into channel of decking profile and turn through 90 degrees.
  2. Screw the eye bolt to the top of the decking profile.
  3. Tighten locking nut with the appropriate spanner.



  1. Select position 1 or 2 for grub screw.
  2. Insert Multi-Wedge into deck channel.
  3. Ensure grub screw is not protruding from fixing.
  4. Tighten grub screw to 8 Nm torque using 4.0 mm Allen bit.
  5. Ensure wire support is not trapped between the fixing and the rib deck.



  1. Lindapter wedges have specific installation instructions – Manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed.
  2. For installation instructions please contact Zip-Clip with specifying your chosen Lindapter wedge.
  3. Always tighten the locking nut with the appropriate spanner to lock the wedge into the decking channel.



  1. Pass the wire rope through the device in the direction of the arrow.
  2. Pass wire rope through or around your required fixture/application and back through the Zip-Clip leaving 15 cm of wire protruding.
  3. Confirm engagement of the Zip-Clip on the wire by pushing the pin in the opposite direction to the arrows indicated.