Zip-Clip Duct-Lock

THE DUCT-LOCK SYSTEM is utilised to connect a wire rope suspension to rectangular ductwork. This allows for the suspension of ductwork without the need of using a bearer underneath. It consists of a Zip-Clip KL100 locking device and a specially shaped bracket (KV bracket) which encases the device and secures the wire suspension to the ductwork.



  • Rectangular ductwork



Duct-Lock utilises the Zip-Clip S-system wire rope with a 45 kg safe working load (SWL). Load indicated is per individual wire support when coupled with the appropriate supplied Zip-Clip locking device. The system is available for drop lengths of 1 m to 10 m.

Note: Only for static loads that are supported vertically. Always ensure the base material or anchor point are suitable to support the intended load



  • S 45 kg



The Duct-Lock system is designed for indoor applications. Regular galvanised systems should not be used in areas that have levels of corrosion or elevated levels of heat or moisture.

For installations that are within corrosive areas consult with Zip-Clip Technical Department.



The system incorporates the following end terminations:

    Used to create choke knot for wrap-around applications to purlin or i-beam. Ensure anchor points are suitable.
    Product code suffix: KV100/LPS
    BS8539 approved with ETA, offering shallow embedment into cracked and non-cracked concrete. Ensure base material is suitable. Contact Zip-Clip for installation details.
    Product code suffix: KV/CLS
  • M8 × 25 Eye bolt ADAPTER
    Used to couple with female threaded components or into through-holes. Product code suffix: KV100/M820THS



  1. Install the wire suspension at desired location with the required fixing (loop end, concrete anchor or M8 eye bolt).
  2. Fix the KV bracket to the rectangular duct at the desired location. (Note, this can be done at floor level.)
  3. Join the duct work to the wire suspension.

Ensure the anchor method selected is appropriate for the intended ceiling structure.

  • Choke-knot for wrap-around steel work (purlins or i-beams).
  • M6 concrete anchor for concrete ceilings.
  • M8 eye bolt adapter to through holes or female threaded fixing.


Fixing KV bracket

  • Position bracket against corner of duct in the desired location. Note, opposing brackets must be perpendicular to each other.
  • Utilise suitable sheet metal fixings to fasten the bracket into place. Please ensure a fixing is selected that will correctly fix the bracket to the duct and is appropriate for fixing into the gauge of the ductwork.
  • Two fixings are required into the side wall of the duct. One fixing is required into the underside of the duct.


Joining duct with wire suspension

  • Insert the wire rope into the top of the locking device.
  • Pull wire rope through the locking device so it exits through the bottom of the bracket.
  • Position duct to the required height.
  • Trim excess wire rope leaving 75 mm to form a tail or coil excess wire to allow for future adjustment.

As an added safety precaution, feed the tail back into the available channel on the underside of the Zip-Clip locking device. Please note, however, this should only be done when installation is complete as adjustment will no longer be possible.