Use the RIZE system to custom make wire suspension on site.

Ideal for long and varied suspension drops.

Zip-Clip offers flexible, safe and speedy solutions for the suspension of all types of signage.

The RIZE system gives the most versatile method of building a signage support to your exact requirement. Use a fixing of your choice and the flexibility to create your own drop length. Have the ability to support 10kg up to 500kg per suspension.

Use a zip-clip to attach the wire to your chosen anchor point.

The range consists of wire reels and separate locking devices with a choice of Safe Working Loads.


Wrapping around existing steelwork, I-beams or purlins
Suitable for use with a wide range of fixings including eyebolt adapters, concrete fixings, deck wedges, purlin clips
Ideal for long and varied suspension lengths
Ideal for secondary light supports
Marine-grade stainless steel wire available for specialist applications

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