Spiral duct hangers are commonly used in the installation of HV ducts. They fix around the duct, and rigid metal rods are connected between the hanger and the ceiling or other surface mount. While this is considered the traditional method of installing HVAC ducting, a better spiral duct hangers alternative exists, in the shape of the Zip Clip cable suspension system.

This system is as strong as the traditional hanging method, despite using less galvanized metal, which means that it is easier and quicker to install, as well as being cheaper. The Zip Clip steel cable hanging system is commonly used to secure HVAC ducting but can be used for a host of other applications that require the securing and fastening of any material in an elevated position.

Zip Clip: The Spiral Duct Hangers Alternative

HVAC systems are deployed in most modern buildings. They can cool and heat the atmosphere, while ventilating air so that occupants can enjoy fresh cold, or fresh warm air. An integral part of this system is the duct pipes.

These pipes typically run a course through the whole building, and for convenience and safety purposes, they are normally hung from the ceiling because this provides easy access when required, but does not pose a floor level hazard.

Considering most ducts are made from galvanized steel, however, the duct system is heavy. It also vibrates and moves according to the force and direction of the air inside the ducts.

HVAC duct hangers need to be strong and durable. They should provide adequate strength to be able to hold the ducting up at the required level, last for years with little or no maintenance, and they should provide some suspension to allow for slight movement and vibration.

The Zip Clip performs the same basic task of holding ducting up, as traditional spiral duct hangers, but they cost a fraction of the price and take a lot less time to install.

Zip Clip Components

As well as replacing the hangers, Zip Clip is also an effective spiral duct hangers alternative. The system includes a range of different fittings and fitting types, giving it flexibility and offering system engineers the opportunity to create a more effective and efficient duct design.

The locking device locks into place in a single activation, negating the need to have to remove and replace failed components. It is also strengthened, and the locking mechanism itself is a simple wedge lock, which means that there are few components to go wrong after installation.

There are many benefits to Zip Clip, but the main advantages are:

Easy Installation

Wire rope is easier to install than solid metal rods. There is some give in the rope, which means that it can be moved around during installation. There is also a great selection of fixing and other components that enable you to design the exact installation to match your needs

A Cheaper Alternative To Spiral Duct Hangers

Metal wire offers a similar strength rating to steel rods, but it requires much less steel to make. As the rope is pulled and additional weight is placed on the rope, through the hanging of the HVAC ducts, the rope actually strengthens.

This is why bridge builders and other engineers use metal rope rather than metal girders and rods. It is also the reason that the Zip Clip system requires much less metal in its manufacture and this, in turn, means that the components cost less than traditional hangers. The ease of installation means that installers charge less for their time, too.

System Flexibility

HVAC system design can be a long and complex process. The designer needs to ensure that ducts run around the property, and that vents are placed in suitable positions to provide hot or cold air into every room.

spiral duct on location

This often means running ducts through the basement, behind walls, or in service areas. If a building is designed with this in mind from the early planning stages, it is possible to incorporate the perfect HVAC design. Otherwise, the engineer will have to work with existing plans and within the confines of existing space.

This can mean fitting the system in tight spaces, around sharp corners, and while facing other design challenges. The flexibility of Zip Clip components makes it perfect even for replacing existing systems.

The Zip Clip spiral duct hangers system is an effective, efficient, and flexible Spiral Duct hangers alternative. It is cost effective, easy to install, and requires very little maintenance.

It has been installed in some of the biggest building projects already, and if you are interested to see how this innovative system can help you, call Gomac Cables on 01910 4125 or email Bobby using our contact form and we will be happy to answer your questions.