If you need a reliable wire rope grippers as part your suspension system requirements then look no further,  Zip-Clip are manufacturers and innovators of high specification suspension systems for all your HVAC, Electrical, Signage, and Seismic requirements, offering a range of innovative products designed for speed and ease of use. This translates to a quicker application, fewer parts, lower labour costs and more room for higher margins.

The Zip-Clip product range is available throughout the island of Ireland from Gomac Cables the officially appointed Zip-Clip distributer in Ireland.

Zip-Clip can be used with many construction materials and are designed for use in many applications including:

  • Timber
  • Decking
  • Service Supports
  • Purlins
  • Wrapround
  • Concrete
  • Catenary
  • Roof Supports

The Zip-Clip product range has multiple solutions across many industries including:

  • HVAC
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Signage
  • Consultant Specifier
  • Technical Design

Zip-Clip what is it?

wire rope grippers zip-lock wire gripper

It is a range of innovative products designed for speed and ease of use. The clip is manufactured from a high-quality zinc alloy. The oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge (wire rope gripper) is designed to offer the best locking solution. The stainless steel spring ensures the wedge engages first time. The galvanised high tensile wire supplied offers you a better SWL than those found on the market. All our engineered suspension products are designed with quality and safety in mind.

Is The Wire Rope Gripper (Zip-Clip) Tested?

All Zip-Clip products are independently tested off-site by NEL/TUV, Lloyds British, Apave, MTS and Satra and all clips are UL certificated. For copies of our test certificates please contact Gomac Cables.

You may ask yourself, has Zip-Clip wire rope grippers been used in major construction projects nationally or internationally? We can answer that by referring you to some of our case studies, namely:

Click each link to read more:

For further information concerning the Zip-Clip range of products availability on the island of Ireland, contact Gomac Cables the officially appointed Irish distributor. You can call direct on +353 1 910 4125 or fill in the contact form here